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Achieving Happiness From Within

Welcome to Happiness From Within. My name is Garret Cobb,and I am dedicated to guiding you through life's challenges and empowering you to discover the true happiness that resides within you. In a world filled with constant demands and stressors, it's easy to lose sight of our priorities and become reactive. I ...
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Charting Your Course to Inner Harmony

Have you ever contemplated the profound concept of healing? In our society, healing is often perceived as a sign of vulnerability, deterring many from engaging in the transformative process. I specialize in two dimensions of healing: surface-level healing, encompassing physiological and biological aspects, and ...

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Dedicated wholeheartedly to your well-being, I am committed to delivering quality and providing unparalleled guidance on your transformative journey. Embark on this meaningful expedition with me, and together, we will uncover the path to genuine happiness from within. 

The experiences are all-inclusive, tailored to your unique needs, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching exploration of self-discovery. Let me be your guide through the transformative process, illuminating the way towards true happiness in your life.

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Stephanie Jensen

I haven’t had a Reiki session in years. After meeting with Garret, his professionalism and explanation regarding Reiki put me at ease. I was able to relax and experience inner healing during my session. I recommend contacting Garret if you’re curious or interested. He will take his time to discuss details and answer any questions you have.


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